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Software Support

BRIGADE Software Support

We offer high-quality support services for the BRIGADE Software Suite by phone and e-mail.

Our members of the support team come from a background of civil-, structural-, and mechanical engineering and understands the problems associated to numerical analysis and design of different field-specific problems.

We are ready to assist you with your problems during all business days, and a support team representative is always available from 8:00 to 17:00 CET.

Our support-team is always on stand-by, ready to assist you with software related problems associated to BRIGADE.

Spoken languages include:
English, Swedish, and Norwegian.

For shorter questions without connection to a specific FE-model you may contact us by phone.

+46 (46) 276 52 35

For more complex problems which requires in-depth analysis, please open a ticket in our support system.

A support representative will be assigned to your request. You’re able to update your ticket at any time be sending a reply to the latest mail in the conversation.

Support System

Start a new support ticket by sending an e-mail to:


In need of 3DS Software Support?

We provide support services for the 3DS Software Packages through an online support tool accessible to our customers which have a valid support contract.