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The SIMULIA, CATIA, and Modelica communities can be found on SWYM, which is an online collaboration platform created by Dassault Systèmes for use by its customers and employees.

SWYM offer content such as eSeminars, access tutorials, e-learning, tech tips, training resources, as well as online manuals documentation.

SIMULIA Learning Community

Dymola Communities

You need a 3DS Passport to access the private content and services presented in the 3DS Knowledge Base.

3DS Passport for Support is available to customers with a valid support contract. The user administration is managed by one contact identified as the Security Administrator within your company.

This Support Administrator receives by e-mail the 3DS Passport credentials that will enable him to generate contacts inside its company.

Contact your company’s Support Administrator to obtain your own 3DS Passport. If you are not able to identify him or if he has not yet been designated, contact us by phone on +46 (46) 276 52 30.